13 million children have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS Youth Against Aids

An estimated 35 percent of all children in Zimbabwe suffer from stunted growth, 2 percent are malnourished, and 16 percent are underweight. Zimbabwe ranks among the top ten highest HIV prevalence countries in the world. HIV has left nearly one million children orphaned, which represents 25 percent of all children in the country. The HIV/AIDS death toll is exacerbated when families cannot afford food, medicine, treatment or transport to medical facilities.

By providing the most vulnerable members of the population with a high-protein soup mix, Planet Aid seeks to improve their ability to cope with the effects of food insecurity. People living with AIDS will benefit from a nutritious, diversified diet, helping to boost their immune systems. Beneficiaries are expected to gain weight and children are expected to have improved cognitive abilities.

 In addition to formal education, KEF students participate in mentoring workshops where they learn study skills, gain networking opportunities, and receive HIV/AIDS prevention education. The workshops are led by inspirational Kenyan speakers and counselors who highlight the importance of Kenya’s indigenous culture. KEF also provides computers from corporate donors to schools. In exchange, the schools waive fees for severely disadvantaged students. The students in turn learn valuable computer skills that prepare them for university enrollment.

 The TCE program to fight HIV/ AIDS was created in 1999 by Humana People to People and first implemented in Zimbabwe in the year 2000. Today 12 years later the TCE program has been implemented in 10 countries and has reached out to more than 11 million people at individual level through more than 5.000 TCE Field Officers and more than 500.000 Passionate are active in part of fighting for prevention and care.

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